"Devon is a living modern day goddess. I've had several sound healing sessions with her. She has a magical voice that alone or along with her singing bowls, gong and other instruments can transport you to another plane. If you are looking for a way to access your inner truths, overcome emotional traumas, or to calm your over-stressed nervous system then book with her now. Devon has an intuition and knows where to go on your body, even if you can't express what exactly is going on, or why. She creates such a beautiful and trusting space for release and discovery. Devon has compassion and wisdom, and such an optimistic spirit that you know you're in good hands with Reiki Rhythms." ........ Amy Roither Quintero 

"Upon entering her studio I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable. We chatted and laughed a bit, I felt at home with her from the first moment. During the session she moved her hands from the different regions of my body and afterward she shared her insight regarding what kinds of energy she felt. She seemed to clear the bad energy from my body and put love and understanding in its place. I literally got goosebumps with how accurate she was in pinpointing some of my deep set mental blocks and fears. I also felt like every burden I was carrying beforehand had become

noticeably lighter. "......... Tory Raymer