Sometimes, the signs telling you where to go are too loud to ignore. Don’t worry-- the universe is guiding you to where you need to be. 

And you can be your true, authentic self there. 

You are magnificent, beautiful (inside and out) and worthy of love.

And whatever is keeping you from feeling like the full-blown, glorious HUMAN that you are, capable of achieving your dreams and soul-deep connections, is blocking your natural energy. 


But how do you remove those blocks and tangles? How do you unravel years of damage, pain, trauma, and self-sabotaging feelings that scream you are not good enough, not worthy, not capable? How do you move your life from a state of existing to one vibrating with love, gratitude, and joy?


You heal your energy. And having traveled successfully down this path, I’m here to help you now.

Hi, I'm Devon

While I’ve always had a compassionate, intuitive heart, I wasn’t raised with this kind of knowledge and spiritual health. I grew up off the grid in Montana in a house with no electricity. As romantic and adventurous as this sounds, childhood was trying and, at times, traumatic. I never felt like I fit in, and this feeling took root deep within and affected my choices for years to come as I became a people pleaser with very little boundaries. 


My relationships, career, and health were all affected by this energy  and I was too busy trying to be what everyone needed to spend anytime helping myself. But those signs from the universe began piling up and eventually I was able to leave behind my old ways and become strong in my boundaries and purpose . A friend introduced me to Reiki and my true transformation began. 


But something was still missing… 


Then one day in my yoga class we began singing mantras and I burst into tears. Once upon a time singing and music brought me joy and helped me through difficult times in my childhood, but that was lost as I grew and tried fitting into the adult world. It wasn’t until that yoga class that I realized how much I missed it. I googled sound healing and discovered a school hosting an open house in my area THE NEXT DAY. 


I signed up for their program and had the most intensely beautiful experience with the most amazing women, and my healing went deep. Like childhood-scars deep. Sound healing allowed me to see the harmful patterns I’d been repeating for decades and begin shifting them to paths forged out of self-love and forgiveness. 

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I knew that this work and connection to source energy was the most powerful thing I had ever experienced and I had to share it with the world.

I received my Reiki certification at the San Francisco Reiki Center and my certification in Sound Healing at the Global Institute of Sound Healing. I have also traveled to Japan and Hawaii to further my experience in both of these amazing fields. I frequently participate in local Los Angeles area healing events and lead virtual sound baths on instagram @reikirhythms.

Now it’s about YOUR healing journey.

You are ready. Ready to leave behind the fatigue, the pain, the self-defeating thoughts and worries and anxieties. You’re ready to shed this old, dusty, banged up skin and emerge from the brain-fog cocoon. You’re ready to step into your full self, your true self. Something you haven’t felt in years, maybe even decades. You’re ready to lay to rest all the doubts and fears that have held you back.


You’re ready to be YOU. 


When we get together for a session, expect nothing less than comfort, peace, and love. Those are the frequencies I operate in, and it’s what I pass on to you through the energy work I perform. Sometimes intense emotions and memories are stirred up, but with me at your side we’ll dive deep and heal those old wounds so that you emerge grateful, at peace, and free.

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